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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Do you love Cupcake Wars and fantasize about what you can create?

Let me start by saying that I LOVE watching Cupcake Wars! I DVR it every week and sometimes watch it while it's recording as well. I just find it fascinating what these contestants are able to create in a very short time with some really weird ingredients. Now with that being said, here are my observations and really questions about this show. So if any of you have been lucky enough to be on the show, please relieve my curiosity :)

1) I think I read that you apply to be on the show...okay, I can understand this one. What are their requirements and how do they pick who they want? (I have no ambition to be on, I am just curious, you know, like a cat).

2) During the opening of the show you see the contestants in their home turf and they are packing up ingredients and equipment. I am just curious why they do that because once they are on the show, you will notice that all the kitchens are set up exactly the same with the same equipment. Plus unless they know ahead of time, there is no way they would know what ingredients to bring. I mean really, who would think to bring mushrooms or bologna to put into cupcakes?

3) It's my feeling that the contestants have to have some idea of what they are going to be asked to use for ingredients? Am I wrong on this one? I mean I could be because some of their creations don't always turn out that well but then again, some of them fair really, really well. What do you think?

4) Then my final question is the 1,000 cupcake round. Do they really only get that short of a time period to bake that many cupcakes? I mean that's a lot of cupcakes and what about their visions for the display? I don't know if I could come up with anything that quickly that would wow the judges that much in that time period. Do they know ahead of time what type of event they are will be designing for?

I know, questions, questions, questions. lol

So do you fantasize about what unusual types of cupcakes that you could make? My mind just goes around and around trying to think what flavor profiles would go together. I get overwhelmed and most of the time just give up. :)  Other times I get up and throw things together but my problem is that my taste testers don't like their cupcake flavors mixed up. They are strictly chocolate or red velvet lovers. Sometimes I can't even get them to take one bite! LOL  that's no help and most of the time I like what I bake, but that's me, and I want opinions! Plus they are more than happy with cake mixes. *shakes head*, I just don't understand that. lol

I wish everyone lived close by me that would like to be a taste tester....I could help you gain a little weight and in return you would tell me if something is great, ehhhh, or gross, please throw those away and never attempt them again!

I once tried pink champagne cupcakes, one tester tried them and said they tasted like cornbread and the other one wouldn't even try it, you'd have thought he was a vampire and I had asked him to hold a clove of garlic! I actually thought they were kinda good. lol  Then, oh my, don't even think of putting a filling inside the cupcake, that's like asking a Pepsi lover to drink Coke, it just isn't a option.

My favorite really so far has been the Oreo Cookie Cupcake, it's quite good, but don't do like me and try using the bagged Oreo pieces, they just change the end product and not a 100% positive way. Granted they are still tasty, but there is something about all that yummy cream filling that makes the cupcakes. I will post the recipe at a later date, I believe I swiped it off The Brown-Eyed Bakers blog.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Here's to cupcake visions and Fluffybutt dreams :)


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