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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes---Ta Da!!!! Beautiful...or maybe not, you be the judge :D

Who would have guessed that someone that can bake almost anything would have trouble with the simplest things? Can you make Jell-O? I can't.....not unless they it's meant to be Jell-O shots, then I am your girl! Do you find Rice Krispie Treats to be a breeze? Nope, you guessed it, I can't make those to save my life, they fall apart on me. I've no idea why I can't make them, it just doesn't work. I barely can make no-bake cookies. Whoa....hold on..........do you see a pattern here? None of these things are baked, that's why I can't make them! lol  and here for I minute I was thinking I was a complete loser. Glad I cleared that up for myself. hehehe  Well maybe I am a bit of a loser because I think even little kids can make these things :( 

Oops sorry, that has absolutely nothing to do with why I'm here tonight! I get distracted so easily and just wanted to share with my Fluffy friends my Kryptonite.

Now, to present........................part two of ice cream cupcake cones!

Here we have the beautiful aluminum pan that I cut holes into so that the cones would fit down into it and stand up to bake.....

As you can see, I started cutting on the left hand side and by the time I got to row 3, I got a lot neater and uniform in shape.

I'm sorry, I didn't take pictures last night so I can't show you how far to fill up the cones, but I will show you what happens when you put too much in, and when you do it the right way and not the Fluffybutt way.

The image on the top is where I filled the batter too high, and in the second picture where I did the correct amount. Not only does it run over if you fill it up too high, it also actually melts the cone..well sort of, maybe dissolves it might be a better term. Plus it's super messy.

Here we have a picture of the frosting and my trusty glass that I use to hold the frosting bags as I fill them. I used a number 48 open star tip to pipe the frosting.

Doesn't get much more exciting than a picture of frosting your really can't see does it?? Don't ever say I don't entertain you!

Next....a picture of all the cupcakes in their little aluminum holes :) Can you tell which ones I put too much in??? Pretty easy huh? Good thing there is yummy goodness to go on top!

Now it's time for the fun stuff, frosting! And before you gaze in wide wonder at my beautiful ice cream cone skills, I must confess that my parents owned a restaurant with a soft serve ice cream machine, so I had lot's of practice and was a self-proclaimed queen of the little swirly Q on top of the cones! Thank you, thank you.......I know it's a priceless gift that I possess, so please don't be jealous. Haha, like you are.

So there you have it peeps. My.... maybe not so successful attempt at ice cream cone cupcakes. I think if you try to make these, bake less than 12 at a time so the heat can circulate better around the cones. I believe I let them bake too long as the ones in the middle weren't baking at the same rate. The reason I say this is that some of the cake was a bit dry, but the frosting was awesome. It looked just like a vanilla ice cream cone and tasted oh so good! Oh, and put some more festive sprinkles on them, I forgot to buy jimmies and chocolate is all I had in the house.

I do have to confess though, that although I think these are cute, they really aren't something I myself want. I just don't care for the flavor of the cone with my cake, but I think kids would love them!

Keep those comments coming in on your experiences with these little gems. I'm hoping to learn more through your successes!

If you want the recipe for the frosting, just leave me a note and I will send it to you or if enough people want it, I will try to figure out how to post it on Facebook and then do a link to it.

Tomorrow night.................it's apples, balls, flowers and cupcake cookies.

Goodnight all my Fluffybutt friends and I hope you have a hairball free night!

Fluffybutt (Tammy)

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