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I Do Not Ship Cookies, I'm sorry :(  Cookies are available around the Columbia, Missouri area. Since I operate under the Cottage Law of Missouri, I don't have a storefront and operate out of my home kitchen. That means it is not a health inspected facility. What it really means to you and I, is that we have to arrange a meeting spot for you to take delivery of your order. I try to work with everyone, but my preferred meeting location will always be in a well lit, busy parking lot. That is for both of our safety. Normally I meet in the parking lot of Home Depot, unless you specify that you cannot come there for whatever reason. Most deliveries take place on Saturday morning around 11:00, or, if you need during the week, I can meet after 5, or you can come by my office to pick them up between 8 and 5. If you live North of Columbia, there is a chance that I can meet you on Sunday afternoon as I go to the Moberly area on Sunday's.

Cookie order info:

It's hard to put an exact price on cookies because it's just not a simple thing to do. Some cookies will be more expensive than others depending on their size, number of colors and difficulty level. Basic 2-3 color cookies, not including white begin at $22 a dozen and go up from there.

Cookie are sold with a minimum order of 1 dozen and a maximum of 3 designs per dozen. After the first dozen you may order by the cookie so that you don't have to buy more than you need.

Custom decorated cookies are expensive, I'm not going to lie to you, so I know sometimes they will stretch your budget, or possibly not allow you to get them. I totally understand budgets and I hope you can understand why they cost what they do. As far as pricing, I charge  $14 a dozen less than some others in the Columbia area. It doesn't mean that my cookies are inferior in anyway, but I am trying to keep them within a reasonable reach for most people.

Why are they so expensive? They are just cookies!

Well here is the reason, it's not the cost of the ingredients, that is not what makes them expensive. It's the time it takes me to decorate them. Here is the process broken down, buy ingredients, make dough, roll dough and cut out cookies. Cookies are baked a dozen at a time for 11 minutes. Cookies are then cooled and if necessary the first coat of frosting goes on. The more colors you have, the more time it takes as I have to make the frosting and then tint to whatever color you want, bag the frosting for piping. Once they are flooded (frosted in the base color), then they need to dry overnight so that I can then do the real design on your cookie. Pipe each color on, let that one dry for a bit before another color can be added. Once the design is finished, then your cookie again dries for several hours or cures if you will, then it is placed in clear poly bags and heat sealed. Once they are sealed then I have to put tissue paper in the box, place the cookies in so they do not get destroyed, insert a thank you card, close box, put a tag and ribbon on each box, then arrange for delivery. Each cookie can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to complete. I hope this helps to understand why they cost what they do. Not to mention the cost of all the supplies, pasty bags, tips, cutters (which sometimes I will order for your special cookie, some cutters can cost up to $8 with shipping), poly bags, boxes, thank you cards, tissue paper, ribbons, labels, business cards and then gas to deliver. Some nights I go home from my job and start on cookies and I don't quit until 10 or after.

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