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Friday, September 16, 2016

Cookies for the week

A little mouse action this week
So this week I haven't had a huge amount of orders, but that is cool with me. Sometimes I need a bit of a break. It's not easy working 40 hours a week, then going home and working another 4-5 hours every night. Pretty much means I have no time to live my life.
So this week I've had some mess ups. First I thought I had Mickey and Minnie mouse cookies on the mouse head shape. Then, I remembered the picture the customer had referred to when she ordered her cookies were on round cookies. Okay, no big deal, except I'd already baked and put the base coat on them. Grr, so that means I had to bake new cookies and flood them so I could put the face on them last night as they had to be delivered on Friday. Then I'm working on Harry Potter Baby Shower cookies, I screwed one of them up as well. I am doing cute onesies in the school colors, then each houses mascot and the house name. Well, I got mixed up and put Ravenclaw on Hufflepuffs color. Oh NO! So, basically had to start over on Hufflepuffs, since I put the wrong mascot on there. Yikes. See why you shouldn't rely on your memory alone??? Maybe it's only me, but anymore I have to right stuff like that down or I will get it wrong. Anyway, here are the Mouse cookies. The Potter cookies aren't finished yet, so I will post those at a later date.
I think they turned out well and I got to use my new Rainbow Dust edible marker. I love it and plan to order more colors as soon as I can. I love that there are two different size tips and the fine tip, is actually a fine tip. Love them and I'm sure you need them in your life as well.
Have a good weekend!

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