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Friday, April 20, 2012


Whew.......I never thought I'd be writing a blogg.....but here I am!!!  So today is Friday and it's been a sad day since the sun has refused to shine today and tonight I might have to cover my poor plants. Guess I. along with hundred's of others bought into the false promise of no frost a little too soon.

One of the first things I will tell you is that I am terrible at punctuation and really grammar in general. So if you are a English major and things like that bother you.........I will apologize in advance.

I bet you are asking yourself why in the world would anyone name their business Fluffybutt Cookies? Really, Fluffybutt? Isn't that a name that people give their cat's butts?? Well in short yes indeedy that is where the name originated from, but it's not because I think their butts are cute, quite the opposite in fact, but I won't go into that here. lol  I just thought Fluffybutt was kind of cute and let's be real here, I have quite the Fluffy ass myself and that proves I am a great baker, right? Right? RIGHT? Hmm, maybe not, might just prove I like to eat carbs, but we won't go there either. So Fluffybutt Cookies was born in 2011 when I decided I needed a new name so I could begin a Facebook page. I had been going by Black Cat Bakery prior to that but it just wasn't catchy. When I began my Facebook page I started out as Fluffybutt Cookie Emporium then before I got too many fans I shortened it to Fluffybutt Cookies as I figured people would shorten it anyway so I beat them to the punch. However now that I am doing this blog, I thought I'd go back to it because in reality, I do much more than cookies. I really hesitate to call them my Facebook FANS...I don't know they are fans, just people like me that try to help out other pages by hitting that Like button :) But hey, if they wanna classify themselves as a Fluffybutt fan, then I sure as heck won't stop them!

This weekend I will be making sugar cookies that will be decorated with Cartman from South Park as well as some of their catch phrases. I'm looking forward to it as I used to love South Park :)

I will try and post pictures and keep writing on this blog. I will share recipes and just general day to day things with you.

Thanks for listening and have a great Fluffybutt night.

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