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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Frozen Dinners.....what is your favorite?

Happy May!!!!!!
I am so excited that Spring has finally raised it's head, it's officially been Spring for a few weeks now, but it sure hasn't felt much like it.
Today's post isn't about cookies, cakes, etc., it's about one of my favorite quick dinners. And by quick, I mean, open the box, make a couple slits in the plastic and uncover the dessert! Some days you just don't feel like cooking, or, if you live alone like I do, it's just not worth it some nights to make a full fledged dinner for yourself. So in steps, Hungry Man or in my case hungry woman? Rrroooarr! If you are hungry, this is the frozen dinner for you. Now they have several varieties, but this by far is my favorite one. So chime in, what is your favorite, I'm lazy, don't have time, or any imagination to cook today, go to frozen meal? Let me know and maybe I will get brave and try something else!

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